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The Full Story



Lilee Collection is a compilation of Tori-Lee's life journey, along the way.

We are all different in our own little ways. We all  experience things in our lives, and have a lot more to experience in this crazy thing we call LIfE



/līf/ including the capacity for growth, reproduction,

functional activity, and continual change


We all have a story to tell, and this is the way I chose to express mine. Throughout life there's a lot of trial and tribulations to over come, you loose yourself but also find yourself along the way.

From having everything to nothing, you realize what you truly value in life. Reaching our lowest points can sometimes teach us lessons that we might not have learned otherwise. When we look back at life we can see how we have grown into the person we are meant to be.

Throughout my trials and tribulations, something meaningful and significant in my life, is how the name Lilee came about.

What does life mean to you? For me

LIfis learning experiencing exploring

and that is what Lilee stands for. I'm not telling you how to live life, I just hope to inspire you along your own journey and join me along mine.



Born and raised in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, also known as the Garden Isle.

An overall Visionary,

Tori-lee has spent her life creating through the beauty of art.

DIvErse in so many ways;

she is a philanthropist, designer, LMT, poet, published author and artist.

She continues to hone her ability in helping people to discover

their essential selves, guiding and creating healthy and positive changes

in their daily lives.

She speaks in truth with a compassionate heart full of light and love.

Her intention is ascension, through the infinite pursuit of Source.

She offers a creative loving approach to healing and transformation

the magic of REAL healing and growth.



meraki [may-rah-kee]

Greek word used to describe doing

something with soul, creativity, or love --

when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

merakis thmagicaunicorn of lilecollection.

We love everything cotton candy,

from going to the beach and getting my feet sandy.

We love sunflowers,

being in nature gives us our true powers.

We love to dance,

and we'll do it every single chance.

We're here to share with you the journey along the way,

we're here to let you know everything will be okay.

So together let's sparkle and shine,

let's go on this adventure together, because there's so much to find.

meraki missions


The world is changing all around us,

our mission is to inspire all, to let go, and trust.

Reminding all it's the little steps we take everyday,

that will guide the way.

Our mission has been to inspire people,

and to remind them of the magical sequel.

Through creativity we encourage all, 

to have faith even when you fall.

Lilee Collection inspires all to freely be you,
to believe in your dreams, because all dreams come true.


When in doubt,

LILEE out.

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